What do NINJA wear?

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What do NINJA wear?

What do Ninja wear? – Sneakers. (Thanks to Versatile board sign.) Do Vodafone ads about Ninja have anything to do with them? – No.

Ninja means ‘stealth person’. They were professionals employed by people in power such as 忍者4feudal lords and engaged in spying, ambushes and assassinations. Some of their tools such as sword and shuriken, throwing stars, are real, but others can be fiction for movies.

忍者6There are some areas related to particular clans of Ninja. Today some of them have theme parks, and as a family of four we visited a small one in Koga city, Shiga Prefecture. (Koga-no-sato Ninjutsu-mura) There was a performance by actors who are trained in the traditional techniques, and a tour of the house that has a number of tricks hidden to defend themselves in case of attack by the enemy. Of course they have a collection of real tools. We had great fun that afternoon.忍者2

Ninjutsu (martial art of Ninja) is practiced in classes in New Zealand. My son was once enrolled in one in Pukekohe. Among all kinds of martial arts, this could be for you, if you find it super cool to throw shuriken like darts. You don’t wear black hood or sneakers, though.



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